Monoblock valves 65 l/min

Simple, compact and heavy-duty monoblock valves, from 1 to 6 sections, for open hydraulic systems. It is possible to modify the valves for closed systems.
• Equipped with a main pressure limiting valve and a load check valve.
• The interchangeable control pistons allow a high degree of flexibility.
• The fitting of the control piston in the housing ensures a high degree of sealing.
• Very good fine control performance
Nom. Operating pressure (P - N): 250 bar
max. operating pressure (A - B): 320 bar
Nominal Operating pressure (T): 80 bar
Nominal flow rate: 65 l/min
max. flow rate: 90 l/min oil temperature: -15° C up to +80°C
Material: Housing made of galvanised cast steel, control piston made of steel, seals made of NBR
Contamination level 10 in accordance with NAS1638
Internal leakage: Approx. 4-8 cm³ /min at 100 bar

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