TREX.PARTS FEM 4.004 set, small (UVV)

Part no.: 11012101

Further information

Set consists of:
1x cleaner, 1x penetrant, 1x developer, 1x UVV inspection report block, 20x basic sticker inspection sticker, 50x inspection sticker 2023
Technical data:
Anyone who operates and uses industrial trucks in Germany is legally obliged to check, or have them checked, at least once a year for safety and functionality. This is because safe operation of industrial trucks can only be ensured if they are in perfect technical condition.

Previously, the inspection was known as UVV or BGV inspection, but today it is carried out and documented uniformly according to FEM 4.004. A distinction is made between the small and the large inspection.

Scope of the minor inspection

The minor inspection must be carried out every 500 to 600 operating hours. It involves inspection and testing:
• Forks
• Bolts
• Chassis
• Chains

Scope of the major inspection

The major inspection must be carried out after 2,000 to 2,400 operating hours or at least annually and covers the entire industrial truck including its equipment. A total of around 100 safety-relevant criteria are tested and documented, including:
• Steering
• Brakes
• Controls
• Wheels
• Drive system
• Hydraulic equipment
• Mast
• Lift chains
• Load handler
• Overhead guard
• Seat & grab handles for passengers
• Lighting system
• Labels
• Trailer device
• Capacity chart
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