GRANIT ENDURANCE CARBIDE Reversible point share


Part no.: 11017367

Further information

suitable for plough body:
Nr. 6, 7, 8, 9, 25, 28, 29
Suitable bolts:
Dimensions (mm):
568 x 145
Width (mm):
Length (mm):
Large hard metal plates on the upper side guarantee maximum wear protection
• Hard metal plate on the underside is embedded in a triangular shape in the base body - breakages are almost impossible
• Complex hardening process: hardening after the soldering process maintains full hardness in the base body
• Hardness in the base body: 46 HRc throughout, (other aftermarket products: 36 HRc)
• Sophisticated soldering process - mixing of the soldering material is crucial
• Low-wear design
• Excellent price-performance ratio
• Easy insertion into the ground and lower fuel consumption thanks to consistently sharp tools
• Significantly longer service life compared with standard tools (factor of 7-10, depending on the soil)
• No readjustment of the tool depth due to wear
• Time and cost savings due to fewer share changes
• Made in Germany
7,48 kg
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