GRANIT floor cleaner Turbodevil

Part no.: 22298066

Further information

1/4" male thread
Working width (mm):
Pressure max. (bar):
Temp. max. (°C):
Flow rate max. (l/h):
Hose connection (mm):
Stainless steel, max. 275 bar, 900 l/min, max. 120°C
Cover Ø 300 mm
2,82 kg
Cleaning technology (p. 1668)
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Cleaning technologyFloor/patio cleanersFloor cleaner
• Does not splash
• Very easy to use
• Quiet
• No chemicals

Ideal for commercial spaces, communities, agriculture, petrol stations, workshops, car parks, pavements, patios, swimming pools, etc.
Nozzles not included to allow the floor cleaner to be adapted to the high-pressure cleaner.

• For cleaning flat surfaces such as jetties, pavements, patios made ​​of wood or stone, stadium stairs or industrial floors.
• Equipped with a maintenance-free, high-quality rotating swivel joint, self-lubricating, with triple ball bearing.
• Tilting joint modification. The new tilting joint is made ​​of stainless steel and has been integrated into the existing angled swivel joint.
• The housing, wheel mounting and tilting joint are made of stainless steel. A brush edge is attached to the housing as additional splash protection.
• 3 industrial rollers for easy transportation.
• 900 mm galvanised steel spray lance included, with moulded insulation enclosed separately.
• 2 nozzles 1/4" male thread with a spraying angle of 15° are required.
• The required nozzle size must be selected from the chart on page ???? (based on the device specification)
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