Wear rule for leaf chains

TREX.PARTS Wear gauge for flyer chains
Technical data:
The wear ruler is used to check the length or wear of flyer and roller chains.

The test is prescribed for industrial trucks according to the UVV in the principles ZH 1/306 (edition 10/1980).

The measurement should be based on at least 17 double links=
34 pitches in the working area of the chain.

Handling the chain ruler:

The pitch of the chain is determined using the pitch mark on the ruler. Once the pitch of the chain to be tested has been determined, 34 pitches are then marked on the chain. The gauge is given by the ruler for each pitch of 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1". If the chain in operation has elongated by more than one pitch above the initial dimension, the chain must be replaced. In this case, the pitch or initial dimension comprises only 33 or fewer chain pitches, which corresponds to a chain elongation of approx. 3%.
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