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Agriculture today is faced with an ever greater array of challenges. Climate change and the necessary compliance with a range of environmental regulations are accelerating the mechanisation of the industry. However, increased digitisation not only helps to monitor processes more effectively to ensure compliance with these regulations. Most importantly, it also ensures more efficient work. This means an optimised yield in a shorter time.


These new objectives place extremely high demands on today's agricultural technology. The ever larger machines are equipped with highly complex technology to make farmers’ work easier. Despite the many advantages, this also involves more complicated maintenance and repairs that can be difficult for farmers to carry out themselves. As a result, specialist dealers and workshops are increasingly in demand.

GRANIT PARTS - The partner of professional dealers

This is where GRANIT comes in. We ensure that specialist dealers have access to the largest replacement parts range in Europe. In the GRANIT webshop, our customers can find parts and accessories from consumables to custom-made products. This means that they can provide the best support to farmers throughout Europe.


But it is not only in our selection of parts that we lead the way. Our central warehouse is the largest in Europe, and home to the GRANIT logistics centre. Our efficient logistic department ensures that specialist dealers and workshops receive their orders within 24 hours. This is how we provide a service that is both fast and impeccable. After all, speed is key during the harvest season.

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For us, agricultural technology isn’t just about the latest developments. We are equally interested in the countless tractors, agricultural machines and collectors' items that have been in service on farms across Europe for many years. These treasures are just as important and require just as much maintenance as the latest tractor. This is also something that we can help with. From original parts to the reproduction of replacement parts that are no longer on the market, we offer a comprehensive range of services provided by our specialists on the road, our internal advisers and our Service Centre.

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We are the partner of professional dealers.

Our customer and repair services, marketing support and efficient logistics solutions make us a strong partner for specialist dealers in the fields of agricultural technology, garden and forestry, construction machinery, hydraulics and industrial trucks. Our agricultural technology team is always available to answer our customers' questions. Contact us directly.


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