Able to withstand the toughest conditions

The new GRANIT Heavy Duty balls are able to withstand the highest loads


Top and lower link balls are exposed to powerful forces every day. The entire weight of the implement rests on these comparatively small parts. For this reason, these balls must be able to withstand high loads. Cheap balls are often too soft or do not have the necessary stability and toughness. This not only means increased wear and tear, but also a greater safety risk. Investing in high-quality top and lower link balls is definitely worthwhile. The new Heavy Duty balls from GRANIT meet the highest quality requirements, and are able to withstand even heavy loads without any problems.


The HD balls from GRANIT are made of a special ball bearing steel and are completely hardened, making them particularly durable. The special hardening process ensures exceptional toughness without making the balls brittle. This also means that they cannot be welded, which is imperative to ensure maximum quality. Other HD balls on the market are available as lower link guide cones. Although these can be welded, this is a clear indication that the raw material used is too soft and therefore not suitable for heavy-duty applications.


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