Solar-powered pasture fence energisers from GRANIT ensure herd safety without a power supply


In livestock farming and animal husbandry, electric fences are not only used around pastures, but at horse shows and for mobile paddocks as well. Were you already aware of this? Do your customers complain about poorly accessible pastures, the heavy batteries that need constant charging and the lack of mobility? You can now find the solution to these problems in our webshop with the new GRANIT solar-powered pasture fence energisers.


Our solar-powered pasture fence energisers make professional and non-professional animal husbandry much easier for your customers. Equipped with a solar panel and rechargeable battery, they supply electric fences up to eight kilometres long with sufficient power. Depending on their performance, these solar-powered devices are suitable for different animals. The compact and lightweight devices are also extremely practical for mobile use. They can be easily connected to the fence thanks to the extra large, easily accessible fence connections with stainless steel inserts.


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